This 6 Week course will transform the health of your mind and body, one habit at a time. 

Are you ready for a lifestyle change without feeling restricted?



The one huge mistake everyone makes when trying to lose weight or making behavior changes is...relying on willpower. Learn how to overcome your limited willpower and create meaningful, healthy lifestyle habits you can keep.


Learn how to create lifestyle change without using your limited willpower. Purchase the Healthy Habits 123 course now!


"Thank you for offering this great course. I learned how to deal with my negative thoughts and turn them into a more positive attitude towards food and life. I have lost 21 pounds in 13 weeks and I have to credit your course and challenges. I am drinking a gallon or more of water, reading labels and serving sizes, eating more veggies then ever before, and still enjoying my sweets but in moderation. I have more energy, motivation, dedication and perseverance to continue these healthy habits for life."

Townsend, Montana

"Before this program, I was drinking 100+ ounces of Diet Dr. Pepper every day, and rarely drinking water. This program taught me how important water is, and as I started to drink more water, I found that I had more energy and just felt better in general. It was scary to cut down on Diet Dr. Pepper - I had formed an identity around it. Traci and Emily helped me to reframe my thoughts around the issue. Who I am as a person has nothing to do with Diet Dr. Pepper. "

Mountain Green, Utah

"Healthy Habits really has changed my life! I have struggled with not having much self-esteem, not understanding my self-worth, and letting my thoughts control me. I tried therapy and it didn’t seem to help me that much; I wasn’t a huge fan of it. When I started getting coached, I learned how to understand myself better, and over time I have bettered my self-esteem. I HIGHLY recommend everyone to try Healthy Habits! I have gained tools and strategies to work through my thoughts. I am much happier :) Traci and Emily are awesome!"

Townsend, Montana

"Traci and Emily really helped me understand not only the science behind food and how it works for your body, but also how I can change the way I think about everything; that I can change my feelings to change my own outcome. The last 8 months of my life have been rough mentally and physically, but if I had not done this program, I would still be stuck in that rut. I know I wouldn’t have managed as well if I didn’t have the tools I was provided in this program. And I 100% think that it would be helpful to anyone."

Townsend, Montana

"If you are looking to change the way you eat, the way you think about food, or the way you think in general, you need to check out this class! Traci and Emily are absolutely amazing and know what they heck they are talking about."

Townsend, Montana

"Healthy Habits 123 class truly was awesome! The instructors are so knowledgeable and I learned so much each week.  I so much enjoyed my class members and learning from their experiences and came away so inspired each week from our classes.  It changed my whole outlook on self love and being healthy. This class is for EVERYONE, it truly is!"

Townsend, Montana

"I really liked gaining knowledge about health and nutrition that was applicable to real life. I feel like a lot of the info we get on these topics are trying to get you to buy something and track calories, or other crazy things, and this class was not that at all."

Townsend, Montana


  • Tools and skills for permanent weight loss and lifelong healthy living.
  • 6 weeks of transformational education, supportive group accountability, and empowering coaching.
  • At the end of 6 weeks, you will:

    • Be making better food choices.
    • Have a better relationship with food.
    • Like yourself more.
    • Have improved body image.
    • Feel more positive overall.
  • Each week you will get:
    • A 1-hour group meeting including 30 minutes of education on health topics and 30 minutes of group discussion and coaching.
    • 2 challenges - one for your body and one your mind.
    • Constant access to Traci and Emily through Marco Polo.
    • Printed workbook to follow along and apply what you are learning.


- Benjamin Franklin

Frequently Asked Questions

You can start this program ONLINE at any time. Join our online group coaching program, called Vibrant, for full online access to the Healthy Habits 123 course and online coaching.

Around 1.5 hours per week.

Weekly meetings will last 1 hour. Challenges are designed to fit into your daily life, but may require a few minutes every day to implement.


Waaaaay less than a trip to Costco for my family. ;)

No. But you will receive a collection of recipes. The goal of this course is to enable you to create your own meal plans. To know and choose the foods that make your body feel its best. With that being said, if you have questions about what we eat, or just need some recipe inspiration, we would love to help!

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