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These products have made practicing healthy habits easier for us!

DELICIOUS low-sugar dark chocolate with added protein.

Bright light device to help strengthen circadian rhythm and increase mood and energy. 

Sliding measuring cup - ESSENTIAL for making Traci's peanut butter granola bars. 

Pastry Roller - very helpful when pressing Traci's peanut butter granola bars into the pan.

Red Light Bulbs - to prevent disrupting your circadian rhythm at night. 

Traci's favorite granola. 

High-quality fish oil supplement.

Vegetable chopper.

Pure Monk Fruit extract.

Unsweetened pea protein powder.

Feelings and Dealings Game for kids. Great way to teach kids about emotions.

Savvi Athleisure Clothing - the most comfortable clothes in all sizes. Traci's favorite brand.

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