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Is your life full of fatigue, overwhelm, and frustration? You can build a life full of brightness, energy, and vibrancy! It is in your power. We can help.

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Here's What To Expect In The VIBRANT Program

By joining, you will go on a journey of personal development and improved health. All education and coaching in the program will be directed towards improving your physical health, emotional health, and confidence.

Physical Health

We'll tackle emotional eating, constant food thoughts, making time in a busy schedule for healthy habits, and tools for weight loss. You'll also learn how to optimize sleep, better manage stress, and implement exercise for the healthiest YOU yet!

Emotional Health

Equally as important as the health of your body is the health of your mind. Taking steps to nourish, support, and improve your emotional and mental health will help prevent future problems, like a regular cleaning at the dentist.


You have everything you need to achieve any goal inside you right now. Together, we'll work on loving yourself, building confidence, putting yourself first,  and experiencing happiness NOW!


Here's How It Works:

  • Access an online library of workshops taught by Traci and Emily.
  • Participate in assignments and worksheets to help you implement the tools from the workshops.
  • Attend group coaching calls through Zoom twice per month.
  • (Optional) Receive 1-on-1 coaching through Marco Polo.
  • Watch any recordings of previous calls you were not able to attend live.
  • Bonus Content and help including:
    • The entire Healthy Habits 123 Course
    • How to Stop Emotional Eating
    • Utilizing Your Future Self
    • Loving Yourself More

"I am more conscious of the thoughts and feelings I am having which are resulting in the actions I am taking. I have better defined what it means to reach my goal of being healthy and my motivations around it. I know I will be able to use the lessons I learned in this program to maintain a healthier lifestyle for myself as well as teach healthy habits to my children (and one day hopefully my husband will get on board too!)"

Rosie Jones
Herriman, Utah

"Emily and Traci have helped me see that I am my own person. My body is special to me even with its imperfections. I have the power to change what I don’t like about myself. I also have the power to react to difficult situations in ways that benefit me. They have taught me about healthy eating habits and lifestyles."

Kathy Toombs
Townsend, Montana

"Traci helped me understand that I was in control of my thoughts and my actions. Remembering that I’m in charge, that I decode empowered me to make better decisions, decisions that helped me become a better version of myself."

Candace Mullen
Logan, Utah

This Program Isn't For Everyone...

If you are interested in short-term results and quick fixes, this is not the program for you.

But if you believe that personal development is what this life is about and you’re ready to become the next version of yourself, then you’re in the right place.

If you are ready to take control of your health, your thoughts, and your life, then let’s do this!



Frequently Asked Questions

No worries! We know that everyone has different schedules. If you are unable to attend live, a video replay will always be available to watch at your convenience.

Absolutely. We gain so much insight into our thoughts and grow personally when we are coached AND when we watch others get coached. On group calls, you always have the option to share your name, or not, and use your webcam video, or not. You can also purchase a Vibrant membership that includes private coaching.

Absolutely. Weight loss is just one small piece of physical health. We will focus on many aspects of physical health, as well as mental and emotional health, and confidence.


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